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No need of external camera, sensors or Hardware

Monitor your home , get sms / call   alerts ,  live video call , CCTV video footage   without any   external camera , sensors or any  hardware. Here  Meticulous Technology provides a turnkey  solution   for   home   indoor security and automation, established   in  2012. Head   office   situated   at  Belgaum  and likely to explore over horizons. With  thousands of security  systems to choose from, how do you opt for the right one for you?
Here is the solution,Met tech provides  you an indoor security system which is the cut above the rest.Easy to install,loaded with features.

The first ever product launched is HSAHA

HSAHA Is  a free app. Using mobile Inbuilt sensors data such as Noise , light, camera as motion detector          as     well     external     sensors  optional , ‘HSAHA’    makes    your home    immune  against theft ,        Robber,  burglar.Once there is  change in sensor    values,    intelligent    video   recording takes place,  For example      Noise    or  light or  internal camera motion or     external     sensors     are  digital counts,  once   counts increments   video    recording   of   60   seconds  is stored  on   cloud   as   well  on  phone or SD card . Owner can    go    for  live streaming  or  voice  communication .   HSAHA  will  do  Periodic    and  on demand   reporting   on   cloud as   well as   on     owners   mobile  ie  home  status. 

The app is also bundled    with   Home   Automation .   Owner   can control  16 numbers of home appliances or instruments on one click or timer based trigger.

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Auto Charger

Works on wify , charger starts if mobile battery is below 75% and charger off when battery is 95%. Dimension-125x62x45 Input-220VAC O/P – 220VAC for charger Price- 30$


Auto Home

Works on wify, 4 channel Sensor Inputs, 8 channel O/P 5VDC (logics to 220VAC relays controlled by Home mobile ) Dimension-125x62x45 Input-220VAC Price- 40$


Mini Auto Home

Works on DTMF Home mobile, 4 channel O/P 5VDC (logics to 220VAC relays controlled by Home mobile ) Dimension-82x45x22 Input-220VAC Price- 20$
(16 Channels also available)



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